Monday, November 9, 2015

Oh those pesky HS Codes!!

The following is a list of common HS codes used in sending care packages:

Apron 3926.00
Backpack 4202.99
Balloon –  9505.00
Beanie Hat –  6505.00
Beef Jerky –  1602.50
Birthday Card –  4911.10
Birthday Decorations 9505.91
Blanket –  6303.00
Book –  4901.99
Bookmark 3926.91
Cake Mix (Boxed) –  1901.20
Cake Pan –  7615.10
Calendar 4901.00
Camera –  8525.80
Camera Case 4202.22
Candle –  3406.00
Candy (all except chocolate) 1704.90
Cereal (Breakfast) –  1904.00
Chewing Gum –  1704.10
Chocolate (Candy bar or any kind) –  1806.00
Christmas Decorations (Ornaments, Nativity, Banner, Etc.) 9505.10
Christmas Stocking 9505.10
Christmas Tree 9505.10
Comb –  9615.00
Compact Disk (Music or Video) –  8523.00
Cookie Cutter 8215.99
Cookie Mix (boxed) 1905.00
Cookies (Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Nilla Wafers, Etc.) 1905.00
Crackers –  1905.00
Crayons 9609.10
CTR Ring –  7117.19
Dental Floss –  3306.00
Deodorant –  3304.00
Diary –  8420.00
Dress (Women's) 6104.42
Drink Mix (Powdered) –  2106.90
Ensign –  4902.00
Fan (personal hand held) 8414.00
Flash Drive –  8471.71
Flashlight –  8513.10
Frame –  4414.00
Frosting –  1704.90
Games/Board or Card  9504.90
Garments (men)  6109.10
Garments (women) 6208.99
Gloves 6116.00
Greeting Card –  4911.10
Gum –  1704.10
Hair Accessories (Barrette, Ponytail Holder, Head Band, Etc.) –  9615.00
Hot Cocoa Mix 1806.90
Icing –  1704.90
Jam –  2007.00
Jelly –  2007.00
Jerky –  1602.50
Jewelry (Costume Jewelry) 7117.00
Journal –  8420.00
Keychain –  8308.00
Letters – 4817.00
Lipbalm 3305.00
Lotion –  3304.99
Magazine –  4902.00
Memory Card –  9006.00
Neck Tie –  6215.00
Note Cards –  4911.10
Notebook –  4820.90
Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Etc) 1202.00
Nylons 6116.00
Pants (Men’s) -  6103.00
Pants (Women’s) –  6104.00
Peanut Butter 2008.11
Pen –  9608.00
Pencil –  9609.10
Periodical –  4902.00
Photo Album 4202.00
Photograph –  4911.00
Picture –  4911.00
Picture Frame -  4414.00
Pillowcase 6301.00
Popcorn 1005.90
Post Card –  4909.00
Pot Holder 6307.00
Potato Chips –  2004.00
Preserves –  2007.00
Ramen Noodles 1904.90
Razor -  8212.00
Scarf –  6214.90
Seasonings 2103.90
Sewing Kit 9605.00
Shampoo –  3305.00
Sheet Music –  4901.99
Shirt (Men’s White Button Down) –  6205.20
Shirt (Women's) –  6206.40
Shoes (Tennis Shoes, Sneakers) –  6403.00
Shorts –  6203.00
Skirt (Women)  6104.19
Socks –  6115.00
Soup Mix (boxed) 2103.00
Stationary –  4817.00
Stickers 4911.00
Sweater 6110.10
Sweatshirt –  6110.00
T- Shirt –  6109.00
Tie (Neck Tie) –  6215.00
Tie Clip –  7115.90
Tie Tack –  7115.90
Tights 6116.00
Toothbrush (manual) –  9603.00
Toothbrush/Electronic 8509.80
Toothpaste 3306.00
Towel –  6302.60
Toys –  9503.00
Vitamins –  2106.00
Wallet –  4202.00
Watch –  9101.19

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Customs Clearance Meaning in Getting Your Shipment to Your Missionary

If you have ever shipped and tracked a package internationally, then you have most likely waited 'patiently' for this shipment to clear customs.  The customs clearance meaning in getting your shipment to your missionary is critical and you can aid in the process.  The actual definition of customs clearance is:

The documented permission to pass that a national customs authority grants to imported goods so that they can enter the country or to exported goods so that they can leave the country. The custom clearance is typically given to a shipping agent to prove that all applicable customs duties have been paid and the shipment has been approved.

Read more:

Understanding and abiding by the rules and regulations of each country when shipping commodities into their country is paramount in the customs clearance process.  We must know their rules and work with the country and not try to be sneaky.  Global Mission Shipping has a page dedicated to the rules and regulations of most countries in which missionaries are serving.  Simply click here and scroll down to the country in which your missionary is serving to learn what items are restricted and what items require additional paperwork.  This knowledge will assist in making the customs clearance process much easier and ensure delivery to your missionary.  

Please feel free to call (702)720-1515, email (info@globalmissionshipping), or go to our website here for further assistance.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Answers To the Question: What Is Declaration Form

When shipping internationally many people ask us what is declaration form? A declaration form is a commercial invoice that must be accompanied with the air waybill for all outbound and inbound international small package shipments. Both of these together is what we call the shipping documents. The air waybill has the to and from information as well as the bar codes and the DHL account information. The commercial invoice should be an itemized, detailed description of everything that is inside the package along with their respective quantities and values.  Why is it necessary to itemize everything that is inside the package? There are two major reasons why:
  1. First of all, DHL wants to know what they are going to be transporting in their trucks and planes. They want to make sure that nothing is in there that is against the law or dangerous. If you simply state something vague such as "toiletry supplies" or "missionary supplies" then it is an invitation for trouble! Not only will DHL most surely open up the package to see what is inside, if anything is in there that should not be shipped, they will refuse to ship it.
  2. Secondly, the Customs departments of the destination country also want to know what is in the package. If the contents are not listed, the package will again be opened and inspected to see exactly what is inside. If there are any contents that are restricted or banned to import into the respective country, the package will be put on the shelf and will ultimately be either destroyed or returned to the shipper. It has been our experience that many if not most countries demand an itemized, detailed description of the contents, the quantity, and values of each item along with the HTS (harmonized tariff) code associated with each item. The HTS code is simply a number that is assigned to every possible commodity in the world. This is necessary because what one person in one country calls an item could mean a very different thing to the customs department in another country. Here's an example: A purse in the U.S. is typically associated to a bag that a woman carries holding various personal items. A purse in the United Kingdom however means a man's wallet. The HTS codes clarify exactly what each item is. In our Global Mission Shipping system, we show you how to obtain these codes.

In summary, the custom declare form is necessary for a successful international shipment.  If this form is too vague or misleading, DHL or the Customs departments of the importing countries will reject the package from clearance which could lead to either having the package sent back or destroyed.
Global Mission Shipping is committed to making the process of filling out all the shipping documents to an easy one. Give us a call (702)720-1515, send an email (, or click here to check out our website  if you have any questions.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Christmas Gifts for LDS Missionaries

Ever wonder what's the best Christmas gifts for LDS missionaries? There are some excellent sites that can give you options for creating fun and inventive Christmas gifts for your missionary. We have created a board on Pinterest dedicated to this very topic:  There are also many talented bloggers who have generously shared their ideas, these blogs can be accessed via a simple internet search. 

Once you have found and created a Christmas gift for your missionary you need to get it to him/her. Now what to do?!?  We have some good news, Global Mission Shipping can assist you in shipping those items to any missionaries you have serving overseas. Simply go to our site and get a free quote on how much it will cost to ship that item to any missionary serving in a foreign country. Just pick the country and insert the size dimensions of the box (length, width, and height) as well as the weight. If you are unsure of the weight, then simply go to your bathroom scales and weight yourself first without the package in hand, and then weight yourself with the package in hand.  The difference is the weight of the package. Once you have this information entered, then click on get a quote and you will get an instant quote. To get an idea of how to cut down on the cost, then get a smaller box and take some items out.
If you are shipping food, please remember that other countries have restrictions on what can be imported into their country. Please check out our site by clicking on this link: and it will tell you what is banned from each country. We want to avoid the heartbreak of shipping a package and having it get stuck in customs or returned. If you are all clear in shipping something that is allowed then proceed to obtain a free membership and then start processing the shipment documents. We have easy to use online tutorials to help you through this. International shipping is a little more difficult than shipping inside the U.S. but we will help in ensuring you have everything filled out correctly. You can pay for the shipment online. All shipments are shipped with DHL Express which is the largest and most respected carrier in the world. All shipments come with track and trace and have a signature upon delivery so you will know when it got to the mission office and who signed for it.

Give us a call if you have any questions at 702-720-1515

Thursday, October 2, 2014

LDS Missionary Package Ideas - Global Mission Shipping

Finding clever LDS missionary package ideas has become easier with some help from several fun websites.  One of the best places to get ideas is on Pinterest.  We have created a board that will help inspire you: 

Once you have created your missionary package, you will need to ship it and that is where we come in!  Global Mission Shipping has helped thousands of families successfully send shipments to their Elders and Sisters over seas.  To do so, go to our website and click on the "get a free quote". Simply select the country that you are shipping to and enter the dimensions of the package as well as the weight. After submitting it, you will get an extreme discount with DHL.
Remember, that this service is only for the missionary serving in a foreign country. All shipments within the U.S. we recommend using FedEx, UPS, or USPS services. For international shipments, we have and recommend using DHL Express as it is the largest Express carrier in the world.. more than twice as big and FedEx and UPS combined!

The cool thing is that you can see how the price is effected by inserting different box dimensions and weights. We are part of a buying group that gets massive discounts from DHL due to its sheer buying power. They are DHL's 5th largest global customer.

Our service is such that you can get a free account and then process your shipment online. We have easy to use tutorials. You will be able to pay for the shipment online and have the documents printed up on your own computer. You will also be given instructions on how to find the closest DHL shipping location. Chances are, there is one close to you! You will then simply take your package and shipping documents and drop them off at that shipping location. They will take it from there. Our site will allow you to track and trace you shipment all the way to delivery. You will know exactly when it was delivered and who signed for it. The best thing is that most packages are delivered in only 2 to 4 days! Let us know if we can assist you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cheap Package Shipping International

I am often asked the question, how can I immediately find a service that offers cheap package shipping international. I think an even better question might be: where can I find a service that offers the best value for my shipping dollar? Cheap can and often times denote inferior or "just barely good enough" quality. My initial response it to tell them that the USPS Priority service is going to do the trick. However, I usually follow up with a warning that you may get what you pay for when using that service. It is true that millions of packages are shipped this way every year and make it to their destinations too. However, what the USPS service does not tell you is what their delivery % is. They are mum about just how many packages NEVER make it to its intended destination. Why? most likely they don't know for sure as many people don't care to tell them which is surprising. Not that the USPS can do anything about it, in fact once it leave U.S. soil, there is no tracking with the USPS Priority service at all.
What happens is that your packages are shipped to each respective country and handed off to the cheapest 3rd party contractor within that country. Security of your package is easily breached and it is handled by many different contractors and agencies within each individual country. The final delivery is also performed by the cheapest costing subcontractor or possibly within that country's postal system. The package is merely left at the door of the recipient. There are lots of times that packages go missing at any given point along the way or even after it is left on the porch or by the door of the recipient.
This is why we heavily recommend using DHL Express. From pickup all the way to delivery, your packages are 100% safe as it stays within the DHL system. All packages are easily tracked and traced and have a signature upon delivery requirement so you know exactly when it was delivered and by whom.

Global Mission Shipping can extend discounts of up to 50% off DHL's current rates because we are global partners with them as well as their 5th largest customer globally. Check out our website at for more information.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheap International Parcel Shipping from USA

Many individuals and customers are always asking where is the best place to find cheap international parcel shipping from USA  and to that we respond that the cheapest place is with the USPS Priority service. This is also commonly referred to as going "slow boat to China" as it can and does take several weeks and possibly months for your package to ever arrive. Cheap might feel good initially, thinking that you have received the best deal, but what you don't know is when it will get there as you won't be able to track it. By calling the USPS, they simply won't be able to help you out as they lose tracking capability when it leaves U.S. soil. Many times, it simply never arrives to its destination. If and when this is the case, you will have to reship a whole new package and contents. Now how much did you "save" by going the cheapest route?
We recommend spending just a little more money and shipping with DHL Express through InXpress. Here are the advantages of DHL:
1. It's an Express service so your packages are usually delivered between 2 and 5 business days.
2. It is fully track able and traceable from pickup all the way to delivery.
3. Every package upon delivery has a signature required so you will know who signed for it and when it was delivered.
4. DHL is the largest Express shipping carrier in the world, more than twice the size of FedEx and UPS combined. What this means to you is that they have the means to ship to over 220 countries in the world. Within those countries, their delivery services cannot be matched. This means faster shipping times and those shipments are 100% secure. They don't hand off the package to a 3rd party like the USPS, FedEx and UPS do.
5. Since we (InXpress) is DHL's 5th largest customer globally, we get massive discounts on our rates. We can set your company up with its own unique DHL Express account and have your rates leveraged to ours. If you are an individual, we have a sister company called that you can ship directly from. They handle shipments from individuals.
6. Pickups are free in using our services as well.
7. There are no long-term contracts, no minimums, no monthly fees of any sort.
In summary, by going the cheapest route, it may very well mean going the most expensive route. If you end up shipping a whole new package, you have to add the cost of the shipment as well as the actual products you were sending.
Check out our website at