Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cheap Package Shipping International

I am often asked the question, how can I immediately find a service that offers cheap package shipping international. I think an even better question might be: where can I find a service that offers the best value for my shipping dollar? Cheap can and often times denote inferior or "just barely good enough" quality. My initial response it to tell them that the USPS Priority service is going to do the trick. However, I usually follow up with a warning that you may get what you pay for when using that service. It is true that millions of packages are shipped this way every year and make it to their destinations too. However, what the USPS service does not tell you is what their delivery % is. They are mum about just how many packages NEVER make it to its intended destination. Why? most likely they don't know for sure as many people don't care to tell them which is surprising. Not that the USPS can do anything about it, in fact once it leave U.S. soil, there is no tracking with the USPS Priority service at all.
What happens is that your packages are shipped to each respective country and handed off to the cheapest 3rd party contractor within that country. Security of your package is easily breached and it is handled by many different contractors and agencies within each individual country. The final delivery is also performed by the cheapest costing subcontractor or possibly within that country's postal system. The package is merely left at the door of the recipient. There are lots of times that packages go missing at any given point along the way or even after it is left on the porch or by the door of the recipient.
This is why we heavily recommend using DHL Express. From pickup all the way to delivery, your packages are 100% safe as it stays within the DHL system. All packages are easily tracked and traced and have a signature upon delivery requirement so you know exactly when it was delivered and by whom.

Global Mission Shipping can extend discounts of up to 50% off DHL's current rates because we are global partners with them as well as their 5th largest customer globally. Check out our website at www.globalmissionshipping.com for more information.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheap International Parcel Shipping from USA

Many individuals and customers are always asking where is the best place to find cheap international parcel shipping from USA  and to that we respond that the cheapest place is with the USPS Priority service. This is also commonly referred to as going "slow boat to China" as it can and does take several weeks and possibly months for your package to ever arrive. Cheap might feel good initially, thinking that you have received the best deal, but what you don't know is when it will get there as you won't be able to track it. By calling the USPS, they simply won't be able to help you out as they lose tracking capability when it leaves U.S. soil. Many times, it simply never arrives to its destination. If and when this is the case, you will have to reship a whole new package and contents. Now how much did you "save" by going the cheapest route?
We recommend spending just a little more money and shipping with DHL Express through InXpress. Here are the advantages of DHL:
1. It's an Express service so your packages are usually delivered between 2 and 5 business days.
2. It is fully track able and traceable from pickup all the way to delivery.
3. Every package upon delivery has a signature required so you will know who signed for it and when it was delivered.
4. DHL is the largest Express shipping carrier in the world, more than twice the size of FedEx and UPS combined. What this means to you is that they have the means to ship to over 220 countries in the world. Within those countries, their delivery services cannot be matched. This means faster shipping times and those shipments are 100% secure. They don't hand off the package to a 3rd party like the USPS, FedEx and UPS do.
5. Since we (InXpress) is DHL's 5th largest customer globally, we get massive discounts on our rates. We can set your company up with its own unique DHL Express account and have your rates leveraged to ours. If you are an individual, we have a sister company called www.globalmissionshipping.com that you can ship directly from. They handle shipments from individuals.
6. Pickups are free in using our services as well.
7. There are no long-term contracts, no minimums, no monthly fees of any sort.
In summary, by going the cheapest route, it may very well mean going the most expensive route. If you end up shipping a whole new package, you have to add the cost of the shipment as well as the actual products you were sending.
Check out our website at www.inxpresslasvegas.com


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ship a Missionary Care Package to Dominican Republic Mission

Do you need to ship a missionary care package to Dominican Republic mission?  Are you looking for quick delivery service and a great price?  We have the solution for you!  Global Mission Shipping can provide you with a complimentary quote.  All you need to do is click here then enter the length, width, height, weight, city in the Dominican Republic, then select Dominican Republic from the country drop down menu (no need to enter the state or zip code).  Click 'Get Rate' for your free quote.
Why ship with us to your missionary in the Dominican Republic?  Due to the significant volume of packages we ship through DHL, we are able to pass along huge discounts compared to retail.  Our pricing is typically 50% off retail shipping costs.

Call or email us with any questions you may have.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cheap shipping to Mormon Missionaries

 The holidays are right around the corner and many parents are in need of cheap shipping to Mormon missionaries.  This is especially true for moms and dads with sons and daughters serving outside of the United States. Shipping internationally can be both complicated and expensive.

Global Mission Shipping has made the whole process easier.  We have created a webpage dedicated to informing shippers on what not to ship into certain countries.  Our customer service agents are happy to help answer any questions you have regarding international shipping, and assist in completing the necessary documents in order to get your care package to your missionary quicker.  

We ship in great quantity with DHL and are thus able to pass on huge discounts to our customers.  Click here to get a free quote.