Friday, October 3, 2014

Christmas Gifts for LDS Missionaries

Ever wonder what's the best Christmas gifts for LDS missionaries? There are some excellent sites that can give you options for creating fun and inventive Christmas gifts for your missionary. We have created a board on Pinterest dedicated to this very topic:  There are also many talented bloggers who have generously shared their ideas, these blogs can be accessed via a simple internet search. 

Once you have found and created a Christmas gift for your missionary you need to get it to him/her. Now what to do?!?  We have some good news, Global Mission Shipping can assist you in shipping those items to any missionaries you have serving overseas. Simply go to our site and get a free quote on how much it will cost to ship that item to any missionary serving in a foreign country. Just pick the country and insert the size dimensions of the box (length, width, and height) as well as the weight. If you are unsure of the weight, then simply go to your bathroom scales and weight yourself first without the package in hand, and then weight yourself with the package in hand.  The difference is the weight of the package. Once you have this information entered, then click on get a quote and you will get an instant quote. To get an idea of how to cut down on the cost, then get a smaller box and take some items out.
If you are shipping food, please remember that other countries have restrictions on what can be imported into their country. Please check out our site by clicking on this link: and it will tell you what is banned from each country. We want to avoid the heartbreak of shipping a package and having it get stuck in customs or returned. If you are all clear in shipping something that is allowed then proceed to obtain a free membership and then start processing the shipment documents. We have easy to use online tutorials to help you through this. International shipping is a little more difficult than shipping inside the U.S. but we will help in ensuring you have everything filled out correctly. You can pay for the shipment online. All shipments are shipped with DHL Express which is the largest and most respected carrier in the world. All shipments come with track and trace and have a signature upon delivery so you will know when it got to the mission office and who signed for it.

Give us a call if you have any questions at 702-720-1515

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