Thursday, October 2, 2014

LDS Missionary Package Ideas - Global Mission Shipping

Finding clever LDS missionary package ideas has become easier with some help from several fun websites.  One of the best places to get ideas is on Pinterest.  We have created a board that will help inspire you: 

Once you have created your missionary package, you will need to ship it and that is where we come in!  Global Mission Shipping has helped thousands of families successfully send shipments to their Elders and Sisters over seas.  To do so, go to our website and click on the "get a free quote". Simply select the country that you are shipping to and enter the dimensions of the package as well as the weight. After submitting it, you will get an extreme discount with DHL.
Remember, that this service is only for the missionary serving in a foreign country. All shipments within the U.S. we recommend using FedEx, UPS, or USPS services. For international shipments, we have and recommend using DHL Express as it is the largest Express carrier in the world.. more than twice as big and FedEx and UPS combined!

The cool thing is that you can see how the price is effected by inserting different box dimensions and weights. We are part of a buying group that gets massive discounts from DHL due to its sheer buying power. They are DHL's 5th largest global customer.

Our service is such that you can get a free account and then process your shipment online. We have easy to use tutorials. You will be able to pay for the shipment online and have the documents printed up on your own computer. You will also be given instructions on how to find the closest DHL shipping location. Chances are, there is one close to you! You will then simply take your package and shipping documents and drop them off at that shipping location. They will take it from there. Our site will allow you to track and trace you shipment all the way to delivery. You will know exactly when it was delivered and who signed for it. The best thing is that most packages are delivered in only 2 to 4 days! Let us know if we can assist you.

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  1. The 6th grade would like to do their part by contributing to the cost of shipping these packages. מלונות בחו"ל