Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheap International Parcel Shipping from USA

Many individuals and customers are always asking where is the best place to find cheap international parcel shipping from USA  and to that we respond that the cheapest place is with the USPS Priority service. This is also commonly referred to as going "slow boat to China" as it can and does take several weeks and possibly months for your package to ever arrive. Cheap might feel good initially, thinking that you have received the best deal, but what you don't know is when it will get there as you won't be able to track it. By calling the USPS, they simply won't be able to help you out as they lose tracking capability when it leaves U.S. soil. Many times, it simply never arrives to its destination. If and when this is the case, you will have to reship a whole new package and contents. Now how much did you "save" by going the cheapest route?
We recommend spending just a little more money and shipping with DHL Express through InXpress. Here are the advantages of DHL:
1. It's an Express service so your packages are usually delivered between 2 and 5 business days.
2. It is fully track able and traceable from pickup all the way to delivery.
3. Every package upon delivery has a signature required so you will know who signed for it and when it was delivered.
4. DHL is the largest Express shipping carrier in the world, more than twice the size of FedEx and UPS combined. What this means to you is that they have the means to ship to over 220 countries in the world. Within those countries, their delivery services cannot be matched. This means faster shipping times and those shipments are 100% secure. They don't hand off the package to a 3rd party like the USPS, FedEx and UPS do.
5. Since we (InXpress) is DHL's 5th largest customer globally, we get massive discounts on our rates. We can set your company up with its own unique DHL Express account and have your rates leveraged to ours. If you are an individual, we have a sister company called that you can ship directly from. They handle shipments from individuals.
6. Pickups are free in using our services as well.
7. There are no long-term contracts, no minimums, no monthly fees of any sort.
In summary, by going the cheapest route, it may very well mean going the most expensive route. If you end up shipping a whole new package, you have to add the cost of the shipment as well as the actual products you were sending.
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  1. Am I the only one?? I wasn't sure what to send or how to address the label... and don't even get me started on customs forms! The whole process was unknown to me. צ'רטר לחול

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